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Ovenable Cake Trays

BCP’s established range of corrugated, ovenable cake trays provide the market with an environmentally sound alternative to traditional packaging such as foils and plastics.  A range of standard sizes are available or new bespoke sizes and shapes can be developed to meet specific requirements.  BCP have also recently developed a ‘Portion Pack’ range of PET lined self-erect ovenable trays, which can be supplied flat packed and made up quickly and easily online.

The integrated design department at BCP means that we can work with diverse specifications to create effective solutions.

BCP’s Flute Bake Trays

  • Can be cooked / baked at temperatures up to 220°C.
  • Very light, extremely strong, with excellent insulating properties when handling from the oven.
  • Suitable for bread and cake-based products incorporating specialised materials and / or coating solutions for excellent release and grease resistant properties.
  • With the exception of PET-lined trays, our flute-bake trays are recyclable with all of the constituent parts coming from sustainable sources.
  • Can be manufactured in S Flute, E Flute or Microflute profiles.
  • Can be printed up to 6-colours.
  • Are available in bespoke sizes and shapes, available in open-flute and standard double-faced products.
  • Are currently being supplied to major retailers in the UK.
  • Short lead times are available.

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