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BCP, The Environment & Accreditation

BCP Fluted Packaging has become one of Europe’s leading innovators of niche fluted packaging products across several of its market sectors. As a dynamic and responsible company, BCP seeks to conduct its business with due consideration for the environment and is committed to a programme of continual improvement in:-
• Compliance with requirements of environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice
• Minimising waste materials sent to landfill by encouraging recovery, reuse and recycling
• Controlling and reducing emissions to land, air and water with a commitment to preventing pollution
• Minimising water and energy consumption through efficient production techniques, best practice and environmental monitoring techniques
• Working with customers and suppliers to ensure they are aware of, and abide by, the Company’s environmental policies and aspirations, and evaluate their own environmental impacts
• Raising staff awareness of the company’s environmental impacts by providing the necessary training and resources and promoting good working practices


BCP operate to the BRC/IOP global standard for direct and indirect food packaging

BCP are members of the FPA – The Food Service Packaging Association: a body which for over 30 years has promoted the interests in the UK of foodservice packaging in the UK. BCP are the current recipient of the FPA Product Innovations Award 2009 for their Take Away Hot Sandwich Pack developed for Costa Coffee.

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