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Microwave Susceptor

Microwave Susceptor is used to provide additional thermal heating on the outside of foods which are heated in microwave ovens.  They are used when food requires an authentic oven-cooked, toasted or grilled crispness from the microwave.  In combination with fluted material, susceptor provides both insulation and rigidity for ease of handling.

What is Susceptor?

Aluminium Metallized Polyester.  The aluminium is deposited with very low thickness which gives it a greyish appearance.  The thin layer of aluminium absorbs part of the microwave energy creating currents in the metal.  Since the thickness is low and the resulting resistivity is high the currents are limited so they do not cause any arcing or sparking as would be observed with metallic articles in the microwave.  The currents are, however, high enough to heat the susceptor to a temperature of about 120 degrees C, which enables the food to become crispy on the outside.

BCP’s Susceptor is available in various formats and flute styles:

  • Discs (for pizza) – Can be produced either using fluted or flat Susceptor.
  • Crisping Sleeves – For hot sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, sausage rolls, pasties and more.

BCP can supply Susceptor in a number of different flute profiles, including; S-Flute, E Flute and B-Flute.

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